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sg009: Mihalis Safras & Siwell x Crystal Waters - 100% Pianista Love (Shigeki Mashup 2022 Re-Luv)

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Welcome to my music blog, sakura galactic mixes! In this blog I will be sharing my mashups, edits and mixes from the past 20 plus years with little stories behind them.

This week I'm sharing a mashup that I did in 2014 and re-tweaked in 2022.

Mihalis Safras & Siwell x Crystal Waters - 100% Pianista Love (Shigeki Mashup 2022 Re-Luv)

My first intro to club-oriented house music was Crystal Waters' Gypsy Woman (1991). I was listening to a radio station that catered to international pop and dance on my way to and back from uni, and they started playing this song. It sounded so different from what I was listening to at the time and I was so intrigued. There was no shazam back then so I had to listen carefully to get the song ID from the radio. I got both the single of Gypsy Woman and the album Surprise (1991) from Tower Records in Nagoya and immersed myself in the hypnotic and infectious sound of The Basement Boys and the jazzy and haunting vocals of Waters.

During the 90's my source of house music was mostly through pop music. I loved Shep Pettibone for his remixes of Madonna and Janet Jackson, Frankie Knuckles for Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton, David Morales for Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and Tony Moran for Cher and Gloria Estefan. Dave Lee (Joey Negro), Steve "Silk" Hurley, Hex Hector, Thunderpuss, Peter Rauhofer and Victor Calderone were also my favorites.

This mashup was originally made in 2014. 100% Pure Love was also my fav song by Crystal Waters. I used the Mihalis Safras & Siwell's summery tech house track Pianista as the background track. Last year I re-tweaked the mashup for a Mismatch party and added the vocal sample from the legendary David Morales remix of Dreamlover by Mariah Carey for an extra 90's throwback. Hope you like it. 🌸🚀

Posted on 31 March 2023



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