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I started deejaying in bars and clubs on Oxford Street in Sydney in 2002 and got into making my own mashups and edits for my sets shortly after that. In the early days I used to have a habit of singing random songs over instrumental tracks during my sets or on the dance floor, and I would go home to try making the mashups. 

Some of the mashups can be heard on my soundcloud but I have had a few taken down for copyright infringement. So I have decided to start my own page to share some of the better ones with little stories behind them. I will also be sharing some of the DJ mixes and maximixes (I will explain in a post) that I did over the past 20 plus years.

There are two very special people I would like to thank as I launch this blog. My dear friend and incredibly talented DJ, Paul Goodyear (a.k.a. SanFranDisko) who has given me immense support and encouragement since the beginning. And my husband Eric who supports me unconditionally and encourages me to get more music out.

Thanks for listening!

Much love, Shigeki

PS - If you are the producer or the rightsholder of the music I used in any of my edits, first of all, I do hope that you are not offended by what I have done with it. And if you want the edit to be removed, please drop me a line and I will do so immediately. 

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