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sg003: Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Shigeki Tropical Island Rework)

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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Welcome to my music blog, sakura galactic mixes! In this blog I will be sharing my mashups, edits and mixes from the past 20 plus years with little stories behind them.

This week's pick is my 2022 nu-disco rework of Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Shigeki Tropical Island Rework).

My earliest memory of English pop songs was my older brother playing songs of Michael Jackson and Duran Duran. I was very much into Japanese pop, so I only heard them from my brother’s speakers and really didn't explore the genre until I was in high school.

The first global pop artist I really liked was Madonna. I watched her live concert in Tokyo (Who's That Girl World Tour 1987) on TV, and loved her music and performance. After watching the show I cycled to the local CD rental shop and got True Blue and La Isla Bonita Super Mix maxi-single to copy on cassettes. I liked the album, of course, but was particularly drawn to the remixes. I was fascinated by how the songs were deconstructed and made into a full musical journey with extra ad-libs and instrumental parts, in a way similar to how they were performed in the concert. Or sometimes the extended version is how the song is intended and it gets shortened to the radio edit. (Nowadays, everything is a radio edit.) From then I became an obsessive collector of her albums and singles.

I have done a few mashups and reworks of Madonna songs over the years, and this is the rework that I did for my bestie, Leong’s birthday mix last year. I knew he also loved La Isla Bonita, so I decided to give it an 2022 update. I replaced the beats section with Latin-inspired drums and percussion, and added new bell-like synth chords.

Posted on 26 January 2023


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