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sg002: Shigeki's maximix Janet Jackson 2012

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

❀ Click here and tap maximix.

Welcome to my music blog, sakura galactic mixes! In this blog I will be sharing my mashups, edits and mixes from the past 20 plus years with little stories behind them.

To celebrate the launch of this blog, I'm going to make a second post today.

Shigeki's maximix Janet Jackson 2012

This was a mix that I did for my good friend, Bonni's birthday in 2012. Bonni and I were having breakfast in his house in KL when he requested for a Janet mix for his birthday. He told me that he wanted the mix to be a musical journey across different styles and I could tease with acappellas before going into the actual songs. I remember thinking "Wow, this is going to be a challenge cuz there are so many Janet songs", but replied to him with a smile "Of course!"

After much thought I started mixing and mashing the songs. I grouped the songs in similar bpms and keys, and went from slower songs to faster songs. I chopped up the acappellas and musical parts, and dropped them here and there. I even sampled songs by other artists. Miss You Much x Give It 2 Me was really fun to do, even though Ms. Janet would never approve her song to be associated with Madonna. It took me a while to finish the mix but I loved every step of the making.

Later I decided to call it 'maximix' as it is longer than an extended mix or a megamix. Maximix, in my definition, is an hour long mashup of many songs by the same artist (and occasional surprise intruders). After Janet I continued with Madonna (2016) and Pet Shop Boys (2020) which you might have heard on my mixcloud. I will post them on this blog later.

Posted on 19 January 2023


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